charisma space design studio

charisma space design studio is an established , award – winning design studio based in Vancouver, founded in 2014 .
The studio has expertise in a range of sectors including residential , workplace , hospitality and mixed – use projects , delivering design services to a range of projects across the Canada, and internationally . Our ethos is to provide an integrated and cohesive approach to architecture and interior design in context with the environment .
We employ a team of architects , interior and furniture designers . As a design collective , we work collaboratively to allow the creative process to evolve organically , alongside carefully considered design elements spanning macro and micro scales .
charisma space is also the first combined architecture and construction company in Canada, providing in – house construction team within its Create & Construct service .

Interior Design Studio Philosophy

Great design should last , rather than follow fashion or trends . Maintaining a creative vision that spans architecture to interiors and bespoke furniture design , our quality of work is defined by a refined and timeless style . Design Matters .
The creation of space in the context of its environment is at the forefront of our studio ethos . We believe that architecture and design is for people , and as such , great sensitivity is given to understanding how thoughtful design can enhance people’s lives .

Core Values

At charisma space we have three core values that we work by :

Share | Design | People

We believe it is important to ‘ Share ‘ ‘ Design ‘ with ‘ People ‘ , because design matters !
Share – we like to share our design ideas with each other , with our clients , and with all those we collaborate with on our projects .
Design – design is important to us . It matters . The spirit of this is engrained within our approach to design.
People – we value people , whether it is the teams we operate within , our collaboration with our clients , or the consideration of the inhabitants for whom we design .

Our Design Studio

” The most important asset to any good business , is its people *

charismaspace has a diverse team , whose wide – ranging talents stem from the whole world as well as overseas . The Associates have an intimate relationship with the studio and are entrusted with delivering the studio vision . They work alongside a team of architects and interior designers to spearhead every project , and provide the main interface with clients .

The studio collective comes together as a hub of creativity and innovation , working within a fast paced and fun environment . Equality in the workplace is highly promoted , with the studio having a proud reputation of equal opportunities for anyone suitably qualified to undertake a role .