Cooperation Process

first stage acceptance letter:

dear companions of charisma design and engineering group, we appreciate your participation in assessment and this company’s work skills assessment project. Congratulations to accepted people in this phase and we hope your success will continue to last level, too.

Final evaluation & Theory and analysis:

  • According to this subject that one of the job positions and thematic skills needed in Charisma is the job title of plan design and faced design, please answer the questions below in form of appropriate and professional by perusal and focus on attached folders to this form (sent by email or access by email) and explain your dedicated method for achieve to the following items in the desired box and; maximum 150 word:
  • criterion’s to select a style (modern, classic, . . .) in design
  • techniques of receiving information of project from beneficiaries
  • prioritizing the design phases
  • planning and design project management
  • alternatives instructions and design editing
  • ways to avoid wasting time and rework in design
  • project documents/ portfolio/ Sheet classification/ presentation and …
  • items that reveal value added or your professional properties
  • costs of doing a project
  • duration of doing a project

Exemple du fichier CAD d’intérieur et d’extérieur :



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