The visualization method of digital rendering shows people the projects you have in mind. Find out here some of benefits of 3D rendering for new construction.
3D digital rendering brings architectural designs to life. It blends the design and practical pieces of an idea into one seamless design.
However, 3D digital renderings do more than look cool. In only 3 decades, they’ve become a practical tool for the design and building processes of a project of any scale. Designers can use 3D rendering for any number of ideas or projects.
Do you want to take a tour through a finished apartment building before construction starts? Or walk through your future office? 3D rendering allows you, and any of your clients to do just that.
From an architectural and construction standpoint, companies can save thousands of dollars on projects before constructions begin. Engineers can find problems and iterate designs easier than before

Here 5 great benefits of 3D digital rendering and how it can work for you!

1. Easily Communicate Ideas

Communicating a complex design, such as a building, is limiting when only using 2D tools. Sharing 2D blueprints and layouts with your clients allows only part of your idea across to your user. But it limits fine details such as safety or aesthetic issues.
Digital rendering lets designers and clients take a virtual tour to see the whole design. You can get a comprehensive idea about the general layout and how items will fit inside the building.
When presenting an architectural design to clients, a 3D digital rendering appears polished and professional. Viewers will get a clear sense of what to expect and how a building will look when completed. They will instantly understand how all the renovated architectural elements of the exterior will look. CG renderings can show every aspect of the external design — windows, entrance, balconies, terraces, roofing. 3D images also let examine the textures of materials that will be used for construction. This way, the house owners can see the final result of the planned works, and easily understand if they like it.

2. Realistic 3D rendering shows surroundings

Realistic rendering is useful in not only showing a customer the remodeled building itself. One more advantage of 3D exterior design is that it shows a photoreal 3D model of a house within its surroundings. Which means that the homeowners can see if the renovated version of their dwelling is in harmony with its environment.
It is especially beneficial when a remodeling project includes landscaping design renovation. With realistic 3D modeling and rendering, it is possible to show in detail every aspect of new landscape solutions. A koi pond in the garden, a stone pathway leading up to it, an elegant fountain, and uplights illuminating all this beauty in the evenings — CG visuals will demonstrate everything in the best light. The detailing will be precise and ultra-realistic, just as one would see it in real life. Which is bound to convince homeowners that the architect’s idea is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

3. Boost Your Relevance

Looking for something that gives your business an edge over your competitors? How about gain and grow your client base?
By keeping up on and using the latest technology in architectural design, you can give your company a competitive edge. Digital renderings do just that.
They offer high-quality 3D images of your designs that demonstrate a sense of professionalism. During presentations, clients and investors can see your designs come to life before they make a commitment. High-quality renderings show how your company is up to speed and willing to learn the latest technology.Including 3D digital renderings will help make your business an authority in the architectural design field.

4. Solve Problems Early

Can you imagine if you found a major issue with a design when it’s over 3/4 of the way constructed? Fixing the problem will require a significant amount of time, money, and energy. Thanks to realistic rendering, the house owners can not just see the expected result of works, but also choose from different design options. With CGI, the architects can present each option in the photorealistic quality. So Not only can you catch potential problems, but you can iterate and improve the design. In most cases, your client will not love the first design requiring you to make improvements.

5. Increased Marketing and Profitability

Digital architectural renderings share the beauty and functionality of a building’s design. This makes them great options for architectural and construction marketing.
Lead generation is an important part of finding potential customers. While your company may have loyal clients, finding new clients will continue to boost your revenue. Your digital renderings will come in handy in attracting the right audience.
As you produce more digital models, you’ll build a stunning portfolio demonstrating your skills. These stunning designs will impress both existing and potential customers. Share pictures of your digital models on social media, your website, or via email to clients.
Finally, digital rendering saves you money. Yes, high-quality renderings will take time to complete, but they will save your company time and money later in the construction process.
Their highly realistic design and easy changes make them a valuable asset to your company.
All in all, realistic 3D rendering is a blessing for architects when it comes to renovation projects. CGI can show new exterior solutions with an excellent level of realism, display a range of varied options for the homeowner to choose from, and allows to alter the design before starting the work. 3D visualization can also be used to demonstrate the surroundings of the house and landscaping solutions, as well as to show the new layout in detail.

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