Transparent chairs or ghost chairs!

Have you ever paid attention to silence in life? Did you notice how much people will be unclear if they speak so fast and utter words continuously? Or if there was no pause among music notes, no musical instruments were able to make a rhythmic song? It is the same as interior design, if we fill all the space with huge furniture, we will gain a suffocated and out of peace place.

History of transparent chairs: the heritage of Louis XVI

The story started when Louis XVI the art lover king of French paid to extend architecture art and interior design because of his interest in Greek classic design. And at last it caused to innovation of a chair with a round back and bent to out legs that became one of the most popular chairs in Europe history till now.

Transparent chairs, unusual modernity

Designers always tried to cause a mental communication between costumers and a product by linking the history to modernity and so they could satisfy their sense of calm. As a result development of an Eco-friendly furniture production is a new way for life. Because just being beautiful isn’t enough to guarantee for a product’s popularity. That’s what caused designers to make these chairs by using transparent inject able poly carbonate in form of integrated and without any screws and accessories. That’s what caused these transparent chairs to be resistant against humidity and the cold, so they became the best option to induct more space in hotels, restaurants, concert halls and also small apartments.

Coloring of transparent chairs

These chairs are being made in different colors such as colorless crystal, transparent blue, transparent gray, transparent orange, light pink, white, black and transparent ref.


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