Le procès de la création d'un rendu 3D

Les étapes du procès

Commencement le dossier du client

La modélisation pour la vue de l’ébauche

envoyez-nous vos dossiers (CAD,PDF, ou modèles 3D)

La phase préparatoire du rendu de l’ébauche

la modélisation pour la vue de l’ébauche

nous créons l’environnement 3D virtuel et vous envoyons quelques vues de l’ébauche de la caméra pour réviser

La phase finale du rendu

La révision par client et les commentaires

Nous choisissons les matériaux et rendons l’image dans notre moteur du rendu en cloud.

La révisions du client et les commentaires

La révisions du client et les commentaires

Une fois tous approuvés, on fait un peu de manipulations et quelques étapes à peinturer la vue finale avant le rendu 3D.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Renderings by our clients.

1. I submitted a contact form to your team for 3D Renderings, how do we get started?
Someone from our team will be in contact within 24 hours and request drawing files if you have not provided them in the attachment form.  After we recieve the files, we will send over a proposal to get started on your project!

2. Can I pay after the 3D images are complete?
Unfortunately it is our company policy to request (1/2) payment up front for rendering services to begin, and the additional (1/2) upon completion.  This is to ensure that our clients provide us with information in a timely manner, and that our team turns around the 3D visuals quickly for our clients.

3. How many revisions do I get to make on the virtual image?
During phase two of creating the 3D model, we allow 2 hours of client feedback.  Once client approves the massing we move to phase 3 for material application.  After phase 3 we allow an additional 2 hours worth of corrections to the materials only.  If additional modeling is required, we will submit an additional 3D rendering service contract for extra hours in correcting the 3D massing.

4. How long does a 3D Rendering take to complete?

In our office, an average 3D rendering will take 20 production hours to complete.  Depending on quality this number can flucuate between 10-40 hours depending on the quality and price.

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