High-tech architecture

High-tech architecture
This style created by two young architects named Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano in 1971 by present a plan for Centre Georges-Pompidou’s match in Paris. This plan was chosen and accomplished among 681 other plans. Forasmuch as this buildings had chimneys, water circulators, installation pipes, windbreakers, stairs and elevators on its facades, it was an aspect of a style with utilization of high technologies was named High-tech.
High-tech architects believed that technology in the most important achievement of modernity and it’s the factor of development and progress and on the other hand architecture should be body of time it means that should be representing its age and era; so now that we are living in a technological time, technology should be visible in our buildings. From the most important characteristics of high-tech style of Architecture we can mention to positivism intuition and optimism to science and scientific and technical progress, display technology as extract and achievement of the new age, display the build project, transparency, layering and show movement in the buildings, display the structure and components inside the building and the façade of the building, using light and simple colors and structure as decorations, using lightweight stretch components, separating the server section from the customer service and design the roof as the fifth facade of the building.
Santiago Calatrava with works like Milwaukee art museum, City of arts and sciences of Valencia and Turning Torso in Malmo, and Norman Foster with HSBC building in Hong Kong, office building of Stanley Park in London, Tokyo Millennium Tower and Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong are considered as two of the most important architects in this style.
Start: France, Paris, Centre Georges, Pompidou’s Design match;
Characteristics: display technology, display building process, transparency, layering and display movements in the building, display structure and ingredients inside the building;
Most important symbols: Centre Georges, Pompidou ;
Most important people: Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, Santiago Calatrava, Norman Foster.

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