3 Simple and elementary principles for decoration

Have you ever thought about how to have a new beautiful decoration without spending lots of money?

For this purpose, we intend to introduce 3 simple and effective rules to have a beautiful decoration to you.

The story behind the project

Decoration principles: vertical 3/3 rule

First and simplest rule of interior design is vertical 3/3 rule that helps you to arrange the colors of your house. For better understanding think about the nature, Whit clouds and light blue sky, a little lower flowers and light green plants and at last dark brown soil! Simply! So use the warmest and darker colors in your mind close to floor, soft colors for middle section of the room and lighter colors for upper sections like ceiling.

Decoration principles: 60-30-10 rule

When you have chosen the colors it’s the time to determine where to use each color by 60-30-10 rule. Divide your colors to 3  class: dominant, secondary and emphasis colors. According to this rule the color witch you prefer to be the main color of your decoration should include 60% of the space like walls, the floor or even the ceiling. Secondary color should cover about 30% of the room, that usually the most appropriate part for it is the furniture. After all it’s time for emphasis color that the level of its use is about 10% and its suitable for your accessories and decorative objects.

Decoration principles: 3 of them rule

After choosing colors now it’s time to making decision for your accessories layout. For this purpose our suggestion is to make a beautiful and eye-catching display with help of 3 of them rule. How? Simply just enough to divide things to 3 category according to one of their appearance, for example put up the things with same height or color but different shapes next to each other. This work makes your decoration attractiveness twice as much. Also if you’re interested in more crowded decoration you could use this trick with 5 and 7 numbers,too.

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